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Information about our charges:

Twisters GC Annual Club fee (for all our structured coach-led sessions) - charged at the point of joining, and then every year in October.  These funds are vital in supporting the running of the club such as staff training, replacement/maintenance of equipment and facilities. It is non-refundable. Gymnasts joining in the Summer Term pay a smaller fee.

Annual Insurance with British Gymnastics - all regular participants must have BG insurance (excluding Parent & Toddler 'Stay & Play' sessions). Your child will be covered under our insurance for their first 3 sessions, you will then need to make sure you have completed their British Gymnastics membership by the time they attend their fourth session. Please click here for the link to the British Gymnastics website where you can join/renew and find out more information about why this is required and what it entails: In the region of £20 for most members (non-competitive), payment directly to British Gymnastics, not Twisters GC. *More information below also

Class fees - from the point of joining, annual fees are spread into 12 equal monthly payments, this is to prevent large termly payments and to allow easy movement between classes should you wish to change sessions at any point in the year. Class fees start from £30 per month.

One months notice - in order for us to keep our registers, groups and staffing up to date, written notice of any changes/cancellations to training should be emailed to: [email protected] Your next monthly payment will be processed, your child will be able to attend up to the last day of that month, and then your account will be closed.

The following items are NOT compulsory, but will be available to purchase at various points of the year: 

Gymnastics clothing - Twisters training and competition leotards and other items, various prices.

Badges and rewards - starting from £6.50

*More information about British Gymnastics:

Existing members: payment is due in October each year, British Gymnastics will contact you via email asking you to renew.

New members: you need to sign up to British Gymnastics by the time your child attends their third session. 

If you have any trouble with the process and need more help, please call British Gymnastics on 0345 1297129

For gymnasts joining part-way through the year, a proportion of the British Gymnastics' Membership is payable, depending on how much of year is left. 

PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to withdraw or refuse to coach any member whose BG membership is not in place, with no refund for any sessions missed. This is because membership is necessary for them to be insured to take part in our gymnastic activities.

2022-2023 Pricelist

Twisters GC Annual Membership

All Gymnasts (excluding Preschool)


Preschool Gymnasts


General Gymnastics

Monthly Fee: 1 hour per week


Specialist Gymnastics

Monthly Fee: speciaslist classes, more than 1 hour per week

from £35 - £65


Monthly Fee: 45 mins per week


Parent & Toddler

Monthly Fee: 45 mins per week